• Resolved

Subscriptions to NEW threads in a forum, or all posts in a subscribed thread

I originally posted this question on 6th January 2015, the thread ran to 13th December 2016 with no resolution by Chinh Vu despite desperate attempts at the end to just get a reply out of somebody and I eventually just gave up. The thread no longer lets me post to it, hence this new post.

When I attempt to post a link to that thread here, all that happens is that a graphic is apparently inserted, as follows:. 

My desire is to receive notifications of NEW threads in a forum to which I have subscribed, or all posts in a thread to which I have subscribed.

It doesn't seem possible to do this anymore, I've just tried, it was possible in 2014.

Is anyone able to help me with this, another year and a half on?

Regards, Tony,