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E2E search result, default value for "Creation Date"

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Hi Team,

Many of the user doesn't know the option of the filter "Creation Date".

By default, this is somehow set to "Past Year". Since the search result is filtered by this, all the results are not shown, even if there IS answer or information which is looked for.

My proposal is to set the default value to "Any" for this Creation Date filter, then, I can search for the results in one step. No more need to select filter every time after keyword search.

If there is a way to change this default value, it would be helpful if you could let me know.

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  • Hello T.KAWAI,
    Thank you for posting, and I see you are a GURU, good job.

    Since it is July 4th Holiday in the U.S. many people are out, someone will respond to you within 24 hours.

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    Ed Walker
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  • In reply to EdWalker:

    Hi T. Kawai,

    The default was set to "Past Year" in 2017 because we were receiving many complaints similar to, "Why are you showing me threads from 7 years ago?"

    Although several users have noted the opposite concern that you highlighted, it has not been nearly as many as voiced in the past.

    Currently, we are experimenting with how "thread create date" is considered in our search algorithm. We are testing out whether increasing the weighting of "thread create date" would allow us to present desired results with the default "Past Year" filter removed. We hope to conclude this analysis and implement improvements by the end of the summer.

    As Ed mentioned, thank you again for your participation and feedback regarding E2E Support Forums.

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    In reply to Jim Carrillo:

    Hi Ed-san, Jim-san,

    Thanks for your support and reply.

    I understand. However, I believe there ARE worthful or expected information in the old posts.

    If "Creation Date" default value could be set by user option, that might be nice.

    One another opinion I have is, it would be nice to have "sort by view counts" for search results.

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  • In reply to T.KAWAI:

    Thanks for these suggestions, we will take these into consideration as well -

    Have a good evening,