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TS3DV642: Reason why ON resistance is added at TS3DV642

Part Number: TS3DV642

Dear Sirs,

My customer asked us about reason why ON resistance is added  by TDR test at TS3DV642.

He asked us about as additional below questions.
Please let me know additional below questions.

1.On the principle that ON resistance influences:
 I understood that the cause is in ON resistance.
 However, I do not know why the ON resistance is added by TDR measurement.
 So, please let me know the principle of adding ON resistance.

2.On the case of reviewing PCB impedance after HDMI-SW (TS 3 DV 642):
 Please let me know the specific case of actually taking such measures on the matter of adjusting PCB impedance after HDMI-SW (TS3DV642).

Also,TS3DV642 has EVM.

Is the ON resistance added for that board as well?

Please let me know the measurement information.

Best Regards,