CD4066B: CD4066

Part Number: CD4066B

Switch is to be used in circuit for analog integration of AC signal. (range of 0,3Vpp to 1,5Vpp (see below picture).

First, we invert input signal. Then we create positive (rectified) input voltage with usage of S1 and S2 which switches in specific order (see below picture).  In combination with S3 and S4 we expect voltage u_int:

Resulted signal is not as expected.

At S1 and S2 we get strange signals. In order to check S1 and S2 operation, we disconnected integrator circuit.  

After S1 or S2 switching OFF output voltage does not fall to zero but we can see positive voltage which even become negative after some time.

Output S1

Because of this signal become useless for integration.

Please look at the attached file for diagrams.

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