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CD74HC4067: Prevent Crosstalk Effect?

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Part Number: CD74HC4067


i would like to ask if the Multiplexer CD74HC4067 prevents the crosstalk effect?

Or which one would do it?

I have an 8x8 sensor array with piezoresisitv sensors on it.

Do you have any tips to get a good measure value out the array?

Sorry for my english.

  • Hi, Philipp,

    Typically for our newer devices, Crosstalk will be specified on the datasheet, Below is an example from the TMUX1108 (8:1 multiplexer). 

    Do you have a spec target in mind you would like to meet? Are you only looking for a 16:1 multiplexer?


  • In reply to David_Wang:

    Hi David,

    i only need two 8:1 multiplexer. The 16:1 CD74HC4067 was easy to purchase, because there are some "evaluationboards" out there with some of this chips on it.

    But in most of the descriptions, they tell the chip prevent the crosstalk.

    So i only need 8:1 multiplexer with the best crosstalk prevention to messure the sensor array.



  • In reply to Philipp Orschiedt:

    Hi, Philipp,

    I would recommend the recently released TMUX1108 device mentioned above.

    The TMUX1108 has clearly specified cross-talk/ off-isolation spec, and you may order the adapter board to mount the device on for quick evaluation. 


  • In reply to David_Wang:

    Hi Philipp,

    We haven't heard from you in a while so we will assume your issue was resolved. I will mark this issue as closed but if you have additional questions you may reply here to re open the thread or start a new one.