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TMUX1574: 6 in 12 out, 3v 100Mhz PCIe signal , please recommend a suitable device

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Part Number: TMUX1108


My customer need a mux which can support 6 input, 12 out (two 6chs), the signal is 3v, 100Mhz. please kindly recommend a high performance-cost ratio device. thanks. 

  • Hi Yue,

    Does your customer need a devices that hs 6 inputs and 1 input between 2 outputs such as a mutli-channel 2:1 device?

    Here is an example of a 2:1, 4-channel device. Some customers will call this a 4 input, 8 output device.

    A device like this will take one input and switch it between 2 outputs. 

    Is this what the customer is looking for? Or do they need a device that takes 1 input and buffers it onto two different outputs simultaneously?



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    Yes. That's it. but they have 6 chs requirement and expect a less control line. also has 100Mhz data rate requirement. would you please give your recommendation according to this. thanks. 


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    Hi Yue,

    I would recommend the TMUX1574 x2 devices in QFN for the system to have best tradeoff of high BW, 6 channels, and small size.

    If the customer wants a single device they can use the TS3A27518E.



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    Thanks. They have started the evaluation of TS3A27518E