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ADG728BRUZ replacement

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we are looking for an AEQ100, 5V supply, N:1 (N>=10) analog mux programmable vis I2C.

the closest one seems to be the CD74HTC4067-Q1.

just in case something new was coming out.

thanks a lot in advance



  • Hi Vencenzo!

    The CD74HTC4067-Q1 you mentioned is best device we currently have in the portfolio.

    What is driving the need for I2C controllable logic pins in the system? I will provide this feedback to our product definers!



  • In reply to Dakotah:

    hi Dakotah,

    thanks a lot for the fast reply.

    we basically run out of GPIOs and looking for I2C controlled as only 2 GPIO will be required instead of 4.

    I also anticipated the TCA6048A-Q1 (only 3.6V rated, while 5V is needed) but system has to be ISO26262 compilant.

    At this moment we use ADG728BRUZ but we have to measure two additional analog signals, so 10 inputs are required.

    Any suggestion is more than welcome

    thanks a lot in advance