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TS3A227E: TS3A227E schematic review and 4-pole headset detecting question

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Part Number: TS3A227E

Hi all,

 My customer use TS3A227E for their headphone detecting. We meet question for defining standard and OMTP headphone: 

1. We often monitor "standard" 4-pole headset in customer board or EVM. Any reason we can detect OMTP headset? Register or HW setting we have to take care?

2. We can't access EVM in some NB... any driver need to install the GUI?

Thanks for your kindly help.

Gary Teng

  • Hi Gary,

    1: This e2e post gives some more information on how TI's audio jack switches detect the difference between different types of headsets.

    Below register map table from the datasheet may help you with setting up OMTP mode

    2: The EVM GUI is available here on ti.com. 

    Do you have Jumper J2 installed to connect Vcc to VDD and power the TS3A227E? 



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Saminah,

     We test some headsets by using evm and get the result as below:

    1. Do you think the test result is currect? Do you think any evm setting issue in my test?

    2. Do I have to reset  the result on GUI by reading all register again or do any setting?

    3. Is there limitation for TS3A227 in 4 role headset detection? 

    Thanks for your support.


  • In reply to Gary Teng:

    Hi Gary,

    can you upload the test result again - somehow it is not showing up correctly in e2e thread.

    there should not be any issue with TS3A227 in 4 role headset detection - Once I review your test result, I can help you out better.



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Saminah,


      TI headset samsung asus i6 headset noname
    r2 (ohm) 32.7 31 32 42 O/L
    rsleeve (ohm) 5.42k O/L 2.5k 649k O/L
    G/M (ohm) 5.4K O/L 2.48k 645k 700
    debounce time = 7 standard standard standard standard 3 pole
    debounce time = 3 standard 3 pole standard / OMTP standard 3 pole
    debounce time = 4 standard 3 pole (most) OMTP (most) standard 3 pole
    iphone 6 Y NA NA Y Y
    Lenovo nb Y Y Y Y Y
  • In reply to Gary Teng:

    Hi Gary,,

    Can you share the value for:

    • R value from sleeve to tip
    • R value from ring2 to tip

    Also, can you clarify what the Y and NA represent in iphone6 and Lenovo?