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TMUX1511: THD for audio application

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Part Number: TMUX1511

Hi Team,

Is TMUX1511 suitable for audio signal? What's the THD of it?

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  • Hi Hao,

    What is the signal voltage for your application?

    The  TMUX1511 has 3GHz bandwidth so it should work  for your audio signal. The TMUX1511 THD is not specified but Ron flatness is characterized.  You can see the on-state resistance is linear across the entire signal range which lends it self to good THD performance.

    Can you share some detail about  your application and THD setup?



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Saminah,

    TMUX1511 is used to switch between different MIC. Could you explain why the flat Ron offer better THD? The circuit for THD test is as below which is taken from TS3A4751 datasheet. Does the Ron variation really have huge influence on THD? Because the load is 600Ω while the Ron variation is within1Ω.

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  • In reply to Hao Wang14:

    Hi Hao,

    THD is highly dependent RON flatness.

    RON modulation with input voltage can introduce variations and gain error which leads to signal-dependent distortion (THD).

    RON flatness represents the maximum deviation in the switch on-resistance over the signal range.

    The flatter the RON is, the less distortion it will add to the input signal. Since the RON can not be completely flat, an alternate and more common solution is to select a load resistance value that is much higher than the variations in the on resistance.

    For more details, here is the link to an application journal that explains the THD vs RON variation in details.