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SN74CBTD1G125: looking for switch solution with level shifting function

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Part Number: SN74CBTD1G125

Dear expert,

Did we have 2 channel switch with level shifting function integrated for UART interface?

The voltage of input UART is 3.3~5V, but only 1.8V acceptable at out put side.




  • Hi Ben,

    MSS does not have a switch that meets this request. I have changed the thread's responsibility to our Standard Logic team and they will be in touch soon.



  • What do you mean with "input"/"output"? Doesn't an UART typically have one signal in each direction?

    TXS0102 or LSF0102 have an enable pin.

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Hi Ben,

    Can you respond to Clemens, I also have the same confusion as him and would like to clear it up before making a part suggestion.

    Check out our new AXC family of Voltage Translators! 

    Watch the Introduction to AXC Family to find out more about the family.

  • In reply to Kate Dickson:

    Hi Expert,

    Sorry for this misunderstanding,

    It's receiver side and transmitter side, did we have one chip solution? 


  • In reply to Ben Kuo:

    The SN74AVC2T245 has two separate direction pins, but does not work with 5 V.

    I would recommend the TXS0102.