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TMUX1204: Using TMUX1204 for eARC implementation

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Part Number: TMUX1204


My customer is planning to use 2x TMUX1204 for eARC implementation.

Below are the exact of the eARC specification, may I know if there may be any concern? Currently we are using TMUX1204 for ARC implementation which is slower in data bandwidth.

eARC spec.docx




  • Hi Christina,

    Thanks for sending that information.

    It looks like TMUX1204 does not have the bandwidth to support eARC at its maximum data rate.

    Since you are using two 4:1 switches, a dual 4:1 with higher bandwidth might be a better fit. Please see the comparison of SN74CB3Q3253 and CD74HC4052 below:

    We typically recommend the bandwidth of the switch be at least 2-3 times the max signal bandwidth. Take note that the bandwidth of CD74HC4052 may not be high enough for your application. SN74CB3Q3253 has a higher bandwidth with a max supply voltage rating of 3.3V.



  • Hi Christina,

    Just checking in that your question was answered. I am marking the case resolved, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!