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TS3A5018: TS3A5018 To multiplexe 16 bit &1,8V ADC inpunt

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I use TS3A5018 in my design to multiplex a Uart. I need to multiplex an ADC precision input also in the device for a signal from two sensors. Is it correct to use another TS3A5018 for this application? Is it better to use a different model one for each application? Is there a more suitable product for both applications? I would prefer to use the same reference. The power will be at 1.8V, with low speed and consumption is very important.

thank you very much

  • Hello,

    TMUX1136 is better solution for Uart and input analog?


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    Hi Sergio,

    Thank you for posting on e2e.

    The TS3A5018 is a 2:1, 4 channel mux whereas the TMUX1136 is 2:1, 2 channel switch.

    The TMUX1136 is part of the precision switches/multiplexers family and also supports UART. All logic inputs have 1.8 V logic compatible thresholds and supports supply from 1.08 V to 5.5 V.

    If you are planning to switch between 2 UARTs you can use  this switch and also use it to multiplex an ADC precision input as long as you're UART signal voltage and bandwidth is within the recommended operating conditions.

    Have you looked at the  TMUX1574?  It is p2p compatible with T35A5018 and has better leakage, lowest propagation delay which is good for digital signals like UART, and wider voltage range.



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    ok! Thanks you!