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TS5A23157: Leakage when V+ = 0V

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Part Number: TS5A23157

Hi E2E,

When the TS5A23157 has 0V applied to V+, how will it behave when a voltage is applied to a signal input?  

I came across this post in regards to powered off protection, and given the lack of V+=0V specs in the DS, I am assuming that we would be at risk of back-powering the device.  Am I correct in that assumption?

What would be the closest device with powered off protection?   Anything P2P?



  • Hi Russel,

    Thanks for using e2e.

    Yes, your assumption is correct. The  TS5A23157  does not guarantee high impedance state under 0V applied to V+ condition.

    Take a look at the TMUX1072 which is p2p compatible with TS5A23157 and has powered off protection feature.

    When the TMUX1072 is powered off the I/Os of the device remain in a high-Z state. The crosstalk, off-isolation, and leakage remain within the  datasheet Electrical Specifications