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SN74CBTLV3245A: SN74CBTLV3245 for LVDS and LVPECL signal applications

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Part Number: SN74CBTLV3245A

If I am supplying 3.3V to   SN74CBTLV3245  part, can this pass LVPECL, LVDS & single ended signals properly? Frequencies will be from 1pps to 50Mhz.

  • Hi Dilip,

    The SN74CBTLV3245A should work for all three applications. Make sure to stay within the recommend voltages for the single ended signals.

    You can also consider the SN74CB3Q3244 which offers Powered-off protection and Supports input voltage beyond supply with a higher bandwidth.

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  • Hi Dilip,

    The SN74CBTLV3245A device is a passive FET switch that will simply pass any voltage or current through the device. This means it can support any signal as long as it is within the recommended operating conditions of the IC.

    The SN74CBTLV3245A device can support up to 3.3 V and 200MHz signals.