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TS3DV642: Differential impedance measurement by TDR for TS3DV642.

Part Number: TS3DV642

My customer asked us about differential impedance measurement by TDR for TS3DV642.
As you can see, it is stable at around 104 Ω without TS3DV642, but it is around 117 Ω with TS3DV642.

Figure1.:Without TS3DV642

Figure2: With TS3DV642

There is a difference with or without TS3DV642.

Is this an effect of ON resistance?
The difference between presence and absence of TS3DV642 is 13 Ω.
He is concerned that since the ON resistance of the TS3DV642 is TYP 6.5 Ω, since it matches when doubling it at the signal sink and source, the ON resistance is raised as it is.

Please let me know the above question.
Also please let me know the solution to this symptom.

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