TS3DV421: Can TMDSCLK+/- be swapped for TMDSCLK-/+?

Part Number: TS3DV421

 Hello guys.

 One of my customers is considering using TS3DV421 for their new products.

 They have the following questions. Could you please answer the questions for the customer?


TS3DV421 has 4 sets of differential multiplexer. 

Q1. Can TMDSCLK+/- be swapped like TMDSCLK-/+? In other words, is usage with the positive(+)/negative(-) terminal swapping no problem?

Q2. Can TMDS clock be input to TMDS0+/- or TMDS1+/- or TMDS2+/- instead of TMDSSCLK+/-? Is the usage no problem?

Q3. In the opposite situation from Q2, can TMDS data be input to TMDSSCLK+/-  instead of TMDS0+/- or TMDS1+/- or TMDS2+/- ? Is the usage no problem?

 Your reply would be much appreciated.

 Best regards,

 Kazuya Nakai.

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