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SN74CBT3253: ESD Rating vs TMUX1209

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Part Number: SN74CBT3253

Hi Team,

Our customer needs the ESD rating (HBM and CDM) for SN74CBT3253PW.

Would you be able to give this information? Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Jejomar,

    I have put in a request to our quality engineering team to help provide this data. Since this is a very old device it may be some time to find the right location of this information.

    In case we can't find this data would you be able to use a device like the TMUX1209 instead?  What are you connecting to the switch or what signals are you passing through. 



  • In reply to Dakotah:

    Hi Jejomar,

    The team was able to find some data showing the device passing up to 1kV for HBM and CDM for this device. This is information provided outside of the datasheet to help the customer make engineering judgement.

    If you need higher than this I would recommend the TMUX1209 as mentioned.