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TS5A22366: THD performance with lower CL

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Part Number: TS5A22366

Hi Team,

The THD test circuit is as below. May I know:

1. Will the THD be better if the CL is less than 50pF?

2. What are the limitations for MUX THD?

3. Is there any other dual SPDT with higher THD such as 110dB? Because the MUX is used to switch between different MIC, and then connected to an amplifier, the overall THD may be worse if the MUX THD has the lowest THD in the signal chain.

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  • HI Hao,

    The CL of 50pF is quite small capacitance - you can use a smaller cap but it will not have a significant effect on the output.

    Can you explain how you are using the switch and why you are interested in the THD spec?

    Take a look at TS3A24157. It is 2-channel single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch with 0.005% THD. Another parameter you can look for is RON flatness - 

    If the  on-state resistance is linear across the entire signal range, it lends it self to good THD performance.