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TS5V330C: Use of device as a programmable amplifier

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Part Number: TS5V330C

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested in using the TS5V330CPWR in the role of a wide bandwidth programmable amplifier. Can the device pass negative voltages?



  • Hi Joseph,

    As shown in the recommended operation conditions table, the device can pass only positive voltages.

    Can you explain why you need a video switch that can pass negative input voltages? If you can share a block diagram of your application, we can help you with the best recommended switch.



  • In reply to Saminah C:


    Thanks for your prompt reply. The sketch of the schematic is shown below. I want to replace SW1 and SW2 with an analog switch. Since the input of ac centered around 0V the switch needs to be capable of passing both positive and negative voltages.



  • In reply to user3903934:

    Hi Joseph,

    We do have some switches that support both positive and negative voltages. How about TMUX1636. It is a 2:1, 2 channel mux that works well with dual supplies (±5 V to ±16.5 V), a single supply (10 V to 16.5 V), or asymmetric supplies.

    Please take a look at it and let me know if you have more questions.