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SN74LV4052A-Q1: Solution to replace SGM6510

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Part Number: SN74LV4052A-Q1

Hi team,

Could you please help to check if we have suitable solution to replace SGM6510? Better to have AEC-Q version.

As well as 74HCT4052DB/74AHCU04PW/74LVC2G14GW.


  • Hi Fery,

    We do not have a pin to pin compatible part (Q1)  for SGM6510. Is AEC-Q optional? In that case, I can recommend some options.

    Let me also loop in the audio team to see if they have a suitable solution.



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Saminah,

    Yes, AEC-Q100 is optional. But temperature range is needed to support  -40 -- +85.

    Please also recommend solution to replace 74HCT4052DB/74AHCU04PW/74LVC2G14GW.


  • In reply to Fery Feng:

    Hi Fery,

    Please take a look at LMH6580. The LMH6580/LMH6581 are high speed, fully buffered, non- blocking, analog crosspoint switches and support operating temperature −40°C to +85°C.

    For the 74HCT4052DB/74AHCU04PW/74LVC2G14GW reocmmended solution, the best way to find pin TI compatible parts is to use the cross reference tool on ti.com.


    If you look for TI compatible part for 74HCT4052, you'll find these recommendations:

    You can compare parts against one another to look at the specs you care about in your application.