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SN74LVC1G66: Analog Switch to pass 1.2V POD12 RESET input to targets

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Part Number: SN74LVC1G66


I need to pass 1.2V POD12 reset output from one of the controller to memory chips (once controller came out of its RESET).

planning to use 74LVC1G66 with Control pin controlled by Controller's reset signal(1.8V level).

Input will be 1.2V POD12, Output should drive POD12 DDR memory chips.

VCC can be 3.3V/1.8V.

Can 74LVC1G66 is suited for this application.

  • H Malli,

    Your application should work well with the SN74LVC1G66. All your specifications are well in between the recommended operating conditions:

    You can choose VCC 3.3V or 1.8V but Ron will be lower at 3.3V.

    Be aware, that the bandwidth is max 300MHz.

    Best regards,


  • In reply to Ambroise Suter:


    I am going with Vcc=3.3V,

    Control will be 1.8V signal,

    Input & Output will be 1.2V signal.

    last question:

    i believe Vih,Vil won't be applicable to Input , they are applicable to control input.

  • In reply to malli arjun1:

    Hi Mali,

    As VCC is 3.3V in you application your Control signal needs to be at least 2.31V for Vih. With 1.8V you will be in an undefined state.

    You'll need to level shift those signals for the switch to work properly.

    And yes you are correct, the Vih and Vil only applies to the control input.

    Best regards,