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TS3A5223:Questions about THD of TS3A5223

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Part Number: TS3A5223

Questions about THD of TS3A5223
Because the customer needs to use the TS3A5223 chip, we are now measuring some parameters of TS3A5223. I have some questions and ask for help.
First, during the measurement of THD, according to the following figure, VSIN: VCCP-P = 3.6, the measured output THD = 0.04%, and then I found that the THD of my input signal = 0.03%. Then, can the THD of TS3A5223 be simply considered It is 0.04% -0.03% = 0.01%. In addition, the datasheet says that THD = 0.01% over the entire band, and the bandwidth of the TS3A5223 is 80MHz. Does the THD in the bandwidth satisfy THD = 0.01%? Still, it only meets THD = 0.01% within 20-20KHZ.
Second, is there a buffer circuit at the input and output terminals of the TS3A5223?

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    Thank you for posting to E2E.

    The THD measurement of your signal/source cannot necessarily be subtracted that way. I am wondering why the THD of your signal source is so high. This will cause a skewed measurement. Have you investigated the reason for the source signal to have such high THD?

    TS3A5223 is specified for THD = 0.01% over 20Hz - 20kHz, as shown in the figure below. THD is not specified outside this range. 

    There is no buffer circuit at the input or output terminals of this switch. What is your application/block diagram for the system for which you need a buffer?



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    Please let me know if I can further assist you with this question. For now, I will close the thread but please do not hesitate to reach out to follow up!