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TMUX1108: Relationship of Cson/Cdon with frequency

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Part Number: TMUX1108

hello team

In the datasheet, the test condition of cson/cdon parameter is 1Mhz;

will the capacitance varies with the signal frequency, if yes how is the relationship.

many thanks!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for using e2e. The On Capacitance of a mux does affect the mux bandwidth - See below relationship explaining how low On Capacitance can help achieve higher bandwidth.



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Thank you;

    What I realy want to know is  would the port capacitance(cson/cdon) varies with signal frequency?

  • In reply to user6041007:

    No, the capacitance for the switch is fixed and does not very with the signal frequency..

    The above relationship just shows when you are designing a switch, how to achieve higher bandwidth by lowering the On capacitance.



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    thank you very much.

    It helps a lot.