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TMUX1108: Propagation delay of TMUX1108

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Part Number: TMUX1108

Hi team

I want to know the propagation delay time of TMUX1108 operated at VDD=3.3 and VSS=0V;

  • A closed analog switch is the equivalent of a resistor (in the case of the TMUX1108, typical 70 Ω, max. 105 Ω) connected directly between the S/D pins.

    The propagation delay time depends only on how fast any (parasitic) capacitances are (dis)charged. With a load of 5 pF, you get a low-pass filter with a time constant of 70 Ω × (65 pF + 5 pF) = 4.9 ns.

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Thanks, but as I know, the typical Ron of TMUX1108 is 4.5ohm; where is the 70ohm from?

  • Hello,

    Please see the linked E2E post for details on prop delay of mux and switch devices.



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    Sorry, I mistakenly quoted the values for VDD = 1.2 V. At VDD = 3.3 V, you indeed have 4 Ω.