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SN74HC4851-Q1: SN74HC4851-Q1 HBM ESD Value

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Part Number: SN74HC4851-Q1

And I can’t find the “SN74HC4851QPWRQ1 “HBM ESD value from the datasheet, can you help me ,thanks.

  • Hi Martin,

    The HBM ESD information is not available in the SN74HC4851-Q1 datasheet.

    What is your application and end equipment?

    Have you seen the new TMUX1308-Q1? TMUX1308-Q1 is a great new 8:1 mux option with current-injection control. In addition, TMUX1308-Q1 offers improved Ron, lower leakage current, and additional features such as 1.8V compatible control inputs, break-before make switching, and a new small package SOT-23 THIN. The HBM ESD rating for TMUX1308-Q1 is +/-2000V.

    Let me know what you think about TMUX1308-Q1!

    Best regards,