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TS3V713EL: trace length limit of RGB's input and output trace

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Part Number: TS3V713EL

Hi Team ,

My customer is using TS3V713EL as solution , and would like to know the estimate  length limit of RGB's input and output trace,

do we have the regarding data to provide or any recommendation?


  • Hi Andy,

    this highly depends on the signal strength (voltage & current) of the RGB driver in the GPU. It also depends on how much signal strength is needed at the connectors.

    The traces on the board will be almost negligible (below 0.1 Ohm), but you find calculators online. The device will add about 2.55 Ohm (see Figure 4 in the datasheet) to the path. 

    Depending on all this the voltage at the connectors will drop a small amount. 

    Note, that longer traces will pick up more EMI which could introduce errors into the signal. 

    Let us know if you need additional information.

    Best regards,