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CD74HC4053: Supply voltage recommended operating condition

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Part Number: CD74HC4053

The recommended operating condition for the following parts: The TI 74HC4053 Vcc - GND is 2 volts to 6 volts.  For the Nexperia 74HC4053 Vcc - GND is 2 volts to 10 volts.  I had though that these two parts were equivalent.  But this specifications indicates that they are not the same.  Can anyone explain this?  Or am I reading the data sheets incorrectly.   

  • Both datasheets take the trouble to show a graph of the supply voltages operating area, so they definitely are different:

    Logic devices in the HC family devices are designed for voltages from 2 to 6 V. The HC4053 is special because it handles both digital and analog signals, and has a separate analog ground (to be able to handle negative analog signals).

    Apparently, Harris used normal HC transistors (6 V) for the digital inputs and analog transistors (10 V) for the analog pass gates, while Philips used analog transistors for both.

  • Hi George,

    If you are interested in a 2:1 mux, I would like to suggest taking a look at TMUX1574. TMUX1574 has the capability of switching a positive I/O signal voltage of up to 2x the supply voltage (VDD). Additionally, TMUX1574 includes multiple features, such as powered-off protection, fail-safe logic, and 1.8V control signal levels.

    What is your application and system requirements for a 2:1 mux? Let me know what you think about TMUX1574!

    Best regards,