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TS3A27518E: Schematic Review Request

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Part Number: TS3A27518E


Could you review attached schematic if there is any miss or not?

Please let me get your review result.



ts3a27518e_Audio Mux.pdf

  • Hi Nicky,

    I checked you layout for the following:

    • Vcc 3.3V ✓
    • decoupling 1uF & 100nF ✓
    • BUS level 1.8V ✓
    • Signal lanes on correct pins ✓
    • nEN to GND ✓
    • GND ✓
    • IN1/IN2 pull-up to 3.3V ✓

    What is not entirely clear to me is the capacitor C793 on the IN pins. Do you intend to have a softer flank when turning on/off the device? Or is it to debounce the switch? Either way, this layout seems correct to me. 

    I also noticed, that you only use 4 out of 6 channels. Have you seen our new TMUX1574? It offers multiple new features and improvements in a smaller package.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,