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SN74LV4051A: About Maximum power dissipation

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Part Number: SN74LV4051A


Could you tell me about SN74LV4051APWR power dissipation spec?
Customers are considering replacing Renesas with TI.
However, TI's logic products do not have power dissipation listed.
Could you tell us the power dissipation specifications at 25℃?


  • Hi Yusuke,

    Thanks for posting to E2E. This is a frequently asked question, as switch data sheets may not include this spec. Take a look at this E2E FAQ post that walks through how to calculate max power dissipation:


    This post includes a link to an excel sheet calculator: 6683.Signal Switch power dissipation and junction temperature calculator.xlsx

    As you can tell from the calculator, you can calculate the max power dissipation using the following specs:

    • Recommended Vcc (max)
    • Icc (max current consumption)
    • I(I/O) (max I/O continuous current)
    • # of channels (for this device, enter "1", as only one signal path is ON at a time)
    • Ron (max ON resistance)

    Use the equation to find max power dissipation:

    Pmax = (Vcc * Icc) + (channel# * (I(I/O))^2 * Ron)

    The Pmax for SN74LV4051A is about 562.5 mW.

    What is your application? If you are looking for an 8:1 multiplexer, I suggest checking out TMUX1308-Q1, TMUX1208, or TMUX1108, depending on your system requirements.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

    Best regards,

  • In reply to Kate Dickson:

    Hi kate,

    Thank you for your kind support.
    I understood how to calculate power dissipation of the multiplexer.

    Please let me ask one more question.
    How should other logic ICs estimate it?
    ex) SN74LVC2G32

    Rds(ON) is not described for logic devices.
    If so, how should it be calculated?