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TS3A24159: Request a Design Review.

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Part Number: TS3A24159


I Request a Design Review about attached Schematic File

8255.Schematic File.pdf

Best Regards.

  • Hi Louis,

    Thank you for sharing the schematic. We'll review it and get back to you with our feedback/comments.



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Louis,

    Please see my comments below for the  TS3A24159 schematic review:

    • Vcc - at 3.3V, A 0.1-μF capacitor, connected from VCC to GND - looks good
    • GND is connected to ground
    • IN1 is driven by ARAD_AVS_CNT - The schematic does not have detail on ARAD_AVS_CNT - Make sure that following condition is met for proper device operation: VOH>VIH; VOL<VIL
    • NO1, COM1 and ,NC1 look ok
    • Are NO2, COM2, IN2, NC2 not being used?  Connect any unused pins must be connected to ground through a 50-Ω resistor to prevent signal reflections back into the device
    • IN1 is pulled down to GND to avoid undesired switch positions that could result from the floating pin.

    Recommendation  for device operation: Always sequence VCC on first, followed by NO or COM