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TS3V340: product shelf life

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Part Number: TS3V340

Hi Team,

May I confirm the product shelf life of part TS3V340RGYR applies to two years? I also want to know if there is higher shelf life for parts with AEC-Q100 grade?



  • Hi Roy,

    The product shelf life for semiconductor products is based on a number of factors, including the type of materials used in the device, manufacturing conditions, moisture sensitivity levels (MSL), the use of moisture barrier bags (MBBs) in product packaging, the amount of desiccant used and the customer storage conditions. The key factor here is the MSL rating, MSL for TS3V340RGYR is Level-2-260C-1 YEAR.

    All TI products have the same warranty, terms and conditions, quality/reliability, etc.  Effectively one year from date of delivery. We do not offer a higher shelf life for automotive grade devices.


    You can use these links to TI’s FAQ page on shelf life, and the Terms of Sale for Semiconductor Products for more details.