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CD4052B: How is the device inside connection of COMMON X (13pin)

Part Number: CD4052B

Dear Specialists,

My customer is considering CD4052B and has a question.

Could you please advise?


About CD4052B, how is the device inside connection of COMMON X (13pin) .

Datasheet P. 17 Figure26. shows brief connection as Functional Block Diagram.

He'd like to know in more detail.

I appreciate your great help.

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  • Shinichi-san,

    Why does your customer need to know the internal connections inside the device?  What issue are they having with the switch?

    The CDXXXXX device has a transmission gate type architecture with an NMOS FET in parallel with a PMOS FET. 

    You can see that the shape of the Ron vs input voltage has the same shape.

    For more information about different switch structures check out this application note:

    Thank you,



  • In reply to Adam Torma:

    Dear Adam

    Thank you for your reply.

    I understand the inside I/O circuit or CD4052

    I am going to send this and application note to the customer.

    I appreciate your great help and cooperation.

    Best regards,