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STG3684UTR or ADG839YKSZ replacement

customer is asking for an equivalent analog switch to STG3684UTR or ADG839YKSZ.


Only requirements laid out was :

  • Low RDSON <0.5Ohms across corners

  • CGS capacitance for 100kHz switching operation (rise and fall time ~ 200ns)

please advise the best replacement we have.

Ranita Bera

  • Hi Ranita,

    The TI device TS3A24159 fits the max Ron value across corners of 0.5 ohms and has a bandwidth of 23MHz which satisfies the 100kHz requirement. This is not a pin-to-pin replacement for the two devices provided but that was not one of the listed requirements. However, this TI device meets the 0.5 ohm Ron requirement while neither the STG3684UTR or the ADG839YKSZ do. Check to see if the TS3A24159 works for your application.

    To find replacement devices I recommend using the TI product search tool on TI.com

    Go to TI.com >> Products >> Switches and Multiplexers >>  Signal Switches >> then enter the following info:

    • Ron (max) since this was specd across corners.  Then click on the spec to sort from smallest to largest.
    • Also set the tool to provide only 1:2 SPDT switches with either 1 or 2 channels.