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TS3A227E: TS3A227E: negative pulse cause pop with line out to power amplifier

Part Number: TS3A227E

Hi team:
When plug a line out line to amplifier, the negative pulse will cause a big pop. The pulse can be observed even just plug a 3.5mm jack only (without lines).


Register settings:
p_ts3a227e->TS3A227E_I2C_WRITE_FUNC(0x04, 0x80);
p_ts3a227e->TS3A227E_I2C_WRITE_FUNC(0x03, 0x00);
p_ts3a227e->TS3A227E_I2C_WRITE_FUNC(0x04, 0x26);
p_ts3a227e->TS3A227E_I2C_WRITE_FUNC(0x05, 0x04);
p_ts3a227e->TS3A227E_I2C_WRITE_FUNC(0x06, 0x39);
Thanks a lot for support,
Kevin Dang

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