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LMH6586: how to deal with unused video input pins

Part Number: LMH6586


I would like to know, what would be the best way to deal with unused video input pins of the LMH6586?

Tie them to GND with a high-ohm resistor or with 0R?


  • Hello Sebastian,

    The best way to deal with the unused video input pins is to set the internal registers for each unused input to the off state (mentioned in the LMH6586 datasheet on page 21):

    There is also a page which talks about which registers (page 26):

    When they are turned off, the buffers will not allow any stray signals to go into the matrix due to the high-impedance state. Therefore, you can leave the pins floating since the turned off buffer is there.



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    Hello Louie,

    thank you for the hint :)