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SN74LVC1G3157: Input Pin leakage current

Part Number: SN74LVC1G3157

I want to find a Analog MUX  for4:2 or 2:1 need very small leakage current (50nA) for input pin.

I want to use it to measure voltage , but it has 3.4MΩ impedanceNTC has very high impedance at low temperature.  This is why I need input pin has very small leakage current.



Analog MUX :

4:2 or 2:1.

Input Pin Leakage current: 50nA at -40°to -20°,   I couldn't find these data or waveform at datasheet.

Need auto Q1 version.

Power supply:  3.3V


Do you have some good suggestion for this application?

  • Hello,

    Please see this post about the SN74LV4052A and leakage current:

    We also offer a 2:1 version of this device called the SN74LV4053-Q1 which will also have similar leakage current because they are the same types of switching FETs but in a different configuration. I understand that the SN74LV4053A-Q1 has one more 2:1 channel than your application needs, but we can repeat this experiment for 2 channel 2:1 such as a TS5A23157-Q1.

    In the future, you can visit the ti site and search the parameters you have listed above such as the snippet below:

    Thank you,


  • In reply to Louie:

    Hi Louie
    I care Input Pin leakage current(50nA) at Low temperature -40 centigrade to -25 centigrade because appplication
  • In reply to Wentao Zeng:

    Hello Wentao,

    I went into lab and ran a quick temperature sample of the TS5A23157-Q1 that I mentioned in the previous post. Please find the curve for the leakage current swept across temperature below:

    Let me know if this works for your application or not.

    Thank you,