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SN74LV4052A: What is the typical Iq I will see at 3.3V

Part Number: SN74LV4052A

Is there a typical Iq spec for the SN74LV4052APWR?

The datasheet only specs 20uA max at 5V.


Is there a reduction of typical Iq at 3.3V operation?

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    I went into the lab and did a quick Iq measurement following the way the data sheet specs it:

    Where int INH pin or VI is tied to GND and ramped up the temperature to 85C since Iq rises with temperature.

    The measured current for 3.3V:

    The measured current for 5V:

    Please understand that these are typical values that I saw on a few devices, so the max value one will ever see is what we spec in the datasheet.

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