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CD74HC4052: quiescence current higher than competion

Part Number: CD74HC4052

I have one question regarding the test measurement of our part:


CD74HC4052PW   in TSSOP16 

The following parameter is used in the data sheet
"Iz = Switch ON / OFF Leakage Current" as follows with max. + -2μA:


Comparison to Vishay:
For comparison, the data sheet for the Leakage Current is available at Vishay's DG406LE module at max. + -5 nA

the behavior is relatively similar in the two following diagrams
=> Ultimately, the leakage current is determined by the capacitance between the analog inputs and outputs as a function of the frequency.



TI:                                                                                                      Vishay:


- Can TI tell me on what basis is based this information on the Leakage Current?