TX810EVM: Input voltage 350 volts, will damage the TX810EVM?

Part Number: TX810EVM


We are developing a sonar system. Our pulse generator generates a sine wave pulse with 50KHz frequency and 350 volts, then the pulse is given to the TX810EVM and Transducer as input. The image below illustrates the whole system. I checked TX810 user manual and I noticed that the max input voltage is 100 volts. However, we have been giving 350 volts(!) as input to our TX810EVM. Fortunately, we didn't test for long time, so our TX810EVM seems to work fine.

I would like to know if you can recommend any T/R switch which can handle 350 volts input pulse. Or do you think it would be fine if we use 350 volts as input for our TX810EVM?

Thanks :)

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