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TS5A22364-Q1: Can the input of this switch be used as an output? Will a 5V pull up distort mic signal?

Part Number: TS5A22364-Q1



My schematic is that input is COMx and out is NOx, but in is NOx and out is COMx in datasheet.

Is it allowable from COMx to NOx?



VCC=3.3V and signal range is ±2V.

5V Pull-up is placed on NO1 for MIC signal diagnostic. I'm concerned that 5V PU could distort MIC signal.

Does this make any distort on MIC signal?

If it could distort MIC signal, what about placing bypass capacitor in series to remove the DC bias?



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  • Hi Adam,


    COM and NO/NC are interchangeable and bidirectional.  You can consider either COM or NO/NC as input.  You can imagine the TS5A22364-Q1 is a resistor when the internal switch is closed, which it allows the COM and NO/NC connected.


    I am assuming your 5V pull-up scheme is to bias your -2V to positive. TS5A22364-Q1 does not require you do so. When Vcc is 3.3V, it allows -2.2V ~ 3.3V to pass through without any DC bias. 

    Fan Wang