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TS3A27518E-Q1: About switching application of SPI-Flash signal

Part Number: TS3A27518E-Q1


Let me talk about how to use TS3A27518E-Q1.
Customer is trying to use TS3A27518E-Q1 with the configuration of the attached file.


1.Customers want to switch between SPI-Flash 1 and 2.
   Is it possible?
   Do you have a track record of attached circuit configuration?

2.If NC and COM are "ON" and the FPGA side is "Hi - Z", what happens to the NC side?

Could you give me your advice?   

Best Regards,
Yusuke / Japan Disty

  • Yusuke-san,

    1) Many customers use the TS3A27518E device for SPI multiplexing applications. It is possible to use it in the configuration shown in the TS3A27518E-Q1 datasheet.

    2) When the TS3A27518E-Q1 device is "ON" it creates a low impedance series path from COM to NC/NO. What ever voltage is see on COM will be seen on NC/NO. If the FPGA is Hi-Z on NC side the COM side will see a Hi-Z from the FPGA through the "ON" path of the switch creating the series low impedance path.

    Let me know if this answers your question.

    Thank you,