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SN74TVC3306: Failing outputs

Part Number: SN74TVC3306

I am using the SN74TVC3306 part in a design for the past few years and all of a sudden I am seeing field failures where the pins no longer go to the rails. The part is used as a simple I2C buffer from a AM335x CPU to a LM75AD temperature sensing IC. I have the correct pullups and caps. I am trying to understand if TI has seen this issue on this part and what suggestions they might have for me. I saw another post back in 2015 talking about the same issue. Again, the parts do not fail initially but some do overtime. Not all tho fail. At least not so far...

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    I got your email and yes that request was from my company to TI thru Digikey. We had to go that way because my CM purchased the parts from Digikey. Your QA said the parts were over 12yrs old but that is impossible as Digikey was not stocking them back then. Also, my boards are RoHS so they would not have that old. I am getting more devices back from the field but it takes time. Your quality guys sent back the info to Digikey saying they will not look at them. I currently have a part out at HiRel to do a failure analysis myself. That is huge $ to me.
    The parts are conformal coated so it is hard to get a good picture. These boards were built in late 2016 so no I do not have the box or labels

    Should I still try to get your QA to look at 1 or 2 of them?

    Also we had a recent failure out of a different lot and digikey sent us this info

    Digi-Key Packing Slip:
    -         Mfg PN -SN74TVC3306DCUR
    -         Qty - 930
    -         Date Code -1601
    -         Lot Code6010059HNN

    The date code doesn't line up with the above decoder???

    Let me know. Thanks, Jeff
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    On the date code decoder, how would 2007 and 2017 look?

    Thanks, Jeff
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    The date code for 2007 and 2017 would equal binary 7 or 0111 on the top of the IC. As stated in prior posts these markings are the same for each decade. This isn't an issue since the shelf life of the device is 5 years and devices being received would not cross over different decades.

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