RF Switches for FPD-Link

My customer is using FPD-link from two cameras (where only one is active) and they’re interested in 1:2 SPDT for the coax side in order to use only one coax cable.

Which is the best device from TI portfolio that I can use?


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  • Shashank,

    To determine which 2:1 switch to use from TI's portfolio you need to determine how many signals you are switching (# of channels), the voltage of the signals, and the bandwidth of the signal.  

    From my knowledge FPD-link uses low voltage differential signals (LVDS) <3.3 V to transmit their data and the bandwidth is usually in the ~100s of MHz range.  TI has 100s of switches that can meet these specs and you can filter for them using TI.com switch selection tool.    

    The last thing we need to look at when choosing the switch is how many channels you would like to switch which may depend where in the FPD-link signal chain you would like to do the switching. 

    If you would like a large channel count device you could look at the TS3DV642 or a low channel count device like the TMUX136

    Thank you,