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Replacement for RF Switch PE42722

My customer uses the below RF switch in their design:



 I want to know if there is a suitable replacement in the current portfolio or roadmap?


  • Shashank,

    TI currently doesn't characterize or market it's signal switches as "RF" switches.  Typically, the term "RF" switch refers to a device that can handle a large amount of power and is on a GaN or GaAs process.  TI's signal switches are on a CMOS process and will not handle the same amount of power most people think of when they use the term "RF" switch. 

    That being said TI has release a new high performance switch TMUX136 with bandwidth >6GHz.  The device performs well but it is not characterized in the same manor as the PE42722 device and it is difficult to tell if it will be an adequate replacement. 

    Where in your system are you needing the switch.  Maybe that will give a clue weather or not a TI switch can be used.

    Thank you,