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TS5A23159: What is the switch on-voltage with 10uA load current?

Part Number: TS5A23159

I am using a TS5A23159 Analog Switch and the switch on-voltage at ~ 10uA current is 0.4 volts. Is this expected behavior? Can anything be done to get low on-state voltage under these conditions? The part also seems to be drawing ~ 60 mA from the Vcc pin and this is clearly abnormal.

  • Robert,

    The TS5A23159 is a passive FET switch and will not provide voltage to the signal path. The device simply passes a voltage from one side of the switch to the other based on the sources and loads attached to the signal path. In a normal device, with the signal path floating, you should not see 0.4V on the signal path.

    These switch products consume very little power and it sounds like the device has been damaged if it is drawing 60mA of current and creating a voltage on the signal path.

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