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TS3A225E: TS3A225E losing configuration

Part Number: TS3A225E


 We have implemented in our design the two following components (see schematic in attachment)

-          TLV320AIC3100

-          TS3A225E

We are confused to observe we are losing the register settings of the TS3A225E.

Writing and reading immediately the values back is ok but after 100ms most of the time the values are lost.

PS: the TLV320AIC3100 on the same I2C bus is working correctly

Could you advise?



  • In reply to Forrest Zhang:

    The Summary of TS3A225E issues
    Issue 1:
    Once remove a headset from the audio jack, read or write any TS3A225E register immediately, it has no response.

    If insert a delay about 1 millisecond, then read/write successfully.

    Issue 2:
    After remove a headset from the audio jack, TS3A225E lost its configuration.
    The host program have to rewrite the configuration again.

    Issue 3:
    Remove any headset from audio jack, and set CTRL3 = 0x01 (DET_TRIGGER),
    the register INT (address = 0x06) is equal to 0x01,
    It indicates "A standard TSR headset detected".

    How to reproduce issue 2
    1) power up the device with the default setting.
    2) insert a 4-pole headset with microphone, the MIC_PRESENT pin becomes low.
    3) remove the headset, the MIC_PRESENT pin becomes high.
    4) you will get the voltage changes, if repeat above two steps.
    5) use a standard TSR headset (3-pole without MIC), do the same test, the voltage of the MIC_PRESENT pin keeps high.
    6) write 0x04 to CTRL3, configure the pin as interrupt.
    7) insert the standard TSR headset, the pin becomes low now. (as an interrupt)
    8) remove the headset, it back to the high voltage.
    9) insert the standard TSR headset again, the voltage never changes again.
    10) double check the value of CTRL3, it's 0x00 now.

  • In reply to Forrest Zhang:


    Issue 1: I know that if the TS3A225E device runs a detection sequence it will take a couple of milliseconds but I'm not sure why removing a headset might initiate a detection sequence. Are you able to monitor the voltage on the DET_TRIGGER pin voltage during this case? Maybe there is an additional detection sequence initiated when you remove the audio jack.

    Issue 2: I have been able to duplicate this on my bench but haven't determined the root cause yet.

    Issue 3: This is expected. If you do not have anything inserted into the audio jack and run the detection algorithm, it will detect as a 3-pole device. The device will see that the impedance between tip and ring2/sleeve a equal since both of them will be high impedance or open circuit.

    Thank you,
  • In reply to Adam Torma:

    As we continue to work through this issue would you let us know if the work around proposed above is able to be implemented in your system?

    Thank you,
  • In reply to Adam Torma:


    After apply some software WORKAROUND patches, the chip works fine.
    Therefore, I don't plan to any more test on it.

    Issue 1: Insert a delay after interrupt trigger, then it's succuessfully to query IC.

    Issue 2: Although the reason is unknown, just rewrite the configuration after headset removed, then it works.

    Issue 3: Just be confused by the headset present definition.