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TS5A3166: TS5A3166 Switch Control Voltage Levels

Part Number: TS5A3166

Are the TS5A3166 5v operation switch specifications guaranteed with the IN control voltage between 0v and 0.8v for OFF, and between 2.4v and 5v for ON? Is a SPICE model available?

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    The datasheet specifications typically state the performance at a specific Vcc, Vcom/Vno/Vnc, and IN.  TI recommends that all digital control logic signals be set to Vcc or GND.  Some DC specs may change if the digital control levels are not at Vcc or GND like Icc and Ron but others AC specs will remain the similar such as capacitance, timing, and bandwidth. 

    What specs are of concern in your system?  Why did you pick the TS5A3166?


    The HSPICE model is available in the tools and software section of the device.


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