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Switching Circuits / Modules for Micro-EDM Application

I am looking to get the switching modules which can switch the high DC voltage coming from the programmable power supply for our Micro-EDM application. 
 {Micro-EDM is an application where one terminal from DC power source (-ve) after switching been connected to the tool & other terminal (+ve) been connected to the workpiece. As soon as these tool & workpiece comes close to each other, spark happens due to electric field and material is removed.} 

The DC Power supply specs are as below:

 V: 300V DC

I: 11 A

I needed some modules or circuits which can switch such high DC upto:

 Pulse ON / OFF : 500ns - 5 microseconds

Frequency : upto 2MHz or even better

These circuits/modules should be mainly connected through the DC Power source (300V DC, 11 A {what we have in our lab} ), whose one terminal  i.e. negative terminal usually been used for switching ON or OFF using either RC-Based or Transistor-Based Switching circuits. 
Also i needed to sense the voltage & current across the gap, i.e. changes during the course of sparking. Those values are needed to build the servo-mechanism of our system.
Please help me.