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optocoupler similar function for 1G PHY interface application

Hi there:

I'd like to find an suitable solution to achieve function likes the optocoupler.

But I'm not sure which application should be correct, so I attached the block diagram as following.

Could you help to provide some suggestion solution could reference?

  • Hi Kay,

    Thanks for using the E2E forums at TI !

    1) For us to help you better , can you please give us the part numbers for the diagram used above?
    2) Are these *components* also expected to run at 1Gbps? If not, can you please confirm the data rate?


  • In reply to Abhi Aarey:

    Hi Abhi:


    1. The reference part number would be VO14642A
    2. Yes, it's expected to run at 1Gbps (Giga Ethernet) and require low Rds (on) about 0.25 ohm

  • In reply to Kay Chen53:

    Hello Kay,

    thanks for the clarification.
    We might have some parts that could fit for your application. Could you please answer a few questions in order to help us understanding your application.

    What signal is driving the inputs 1,2? Whats the maximum frequency for this signal?

    How are the outputs connected 6,5,4 connected? What is connected to the outputs?
    You can also upload a small schematic or sketchof the current solution, this would help us to give you a recommendation.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Matthias:

    update information we've get from customer side, they're looking for the replacement of traditional relay (from Ethernet to PHY, through RJ45) 

    Do we have suggested solution could offer? 

  • In reply to Kay Chen53:

    Hello Kay,

    thanks for the update.

    So just to make sure, this relay is used in series for the data lines, not to switch any data?
    The reason I am asking is, beacause the current solution you were pointing out has a startup time of about 800us.

    We are evaluating a produt that might fit for your application, but I would need some further details on the exact use case.
    If you are interested we can discuss this via mail or on a call?

    Best Regards,
  • In reply to Mat1980:

    Hi Matthias,

    Those relay only use to switch different path for 1000Base-T Ethernet signal transmission.

    So, there are two path control by relay
    path 1. RJ45 port 1 <==> Relay <==> ethernet phy <==> CPU (Default/Normal Path )
    path 2. RJ45 port 1 <==> Relay <==> RJ45 port 2 ( When something wrong Path )

    Please ignore switch time.
  • In reply to Bonnie Chen:

    Hello Kay,

    we are currently evaluating a solution using an external FET combined with an transfomer and transformer driver. Do you think that could be of interest for you?
    If yes, we could discuss this further offline.

    Best Regards,