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TS3DV642: switch DP/HDMI

Part Number: TS3DV642

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If our signal is DP++, could we use TS3DV642 to switch output one is DP and another is HDMI? 

Our schematic as below

NCT3530 is HDMI level shift IC



  • Shu-Cheng

    Will this be a fixed source or sink design? I am mainly concerned with the common mode voltage on both side of TS3DV642 when you are switching between DC coupling and AC coupling. Have you had a chance to take a look at HD3SS215? I would think HD3SS215 is a better fit for your application.

  • In reply to David (ASIC) Liu:

    Hi Sirs,

    Thanks for your reply

    We still have some question need confirm, Could you help it?

    1. As i know if TS3DV642 input signal is DP, that couldn't switch DP and HDMI output, but DP++ could, Right?

    2. Is the correct connection for DATA, CLK and AUX if use resistors and capacitors both?

    3. How to link PIN18-PIN21?

    4. Actually i'm not clearly what different between 642 and 215 on application, Why need concerned with the common mode voltage on both side of TS3DV642 when you are switching between DC coupling and AC coupling, but 215 didn't concern this. Could you help explain it? 

    Many thanks!!

  • In reply to Shu-Cheng LIN:


    1. No, it will not switch between DP input and HDMI output since it is not a protocol converter. But DP++ will work with HDMI.

    2a. The current schematic would have both Port A and B to be AC coupled since AC coupling capacitors are on the Port D side. HDMI needs to be DC coupled and DP needs to be AC coupled. So you should DC couple Port D and Port B, and AC couple Port A.
    2b. Since SCL and SDA are shared between DP AUX and HDMI DDC, SCL and SDA need to be DC coupled. SCL_A and SDA_A need to be AC coupled and have the proper pullup/pulldown to 3.3V for DP. But on the HDMI side, SCL_B and SDA_B need to be pulled to 5V, but you have a level shifter to convert pullup voltage between 3.3V and 5V. This is the main reason why I recommend HD3SS215 instead TS3DV642 as HD3SS215 has separate AUX and DDC lines for DP and HDMI, therefore making the connection easier.

    3a. HPD_A is hot plug detected for DP so should be connected the HPD of the connector associated with DP signaling. And HPD_B needs to be connected to HPD of the connector associated with HDMI.
    3b. The CEC can be left unconnected if you are not using them.